Currently, I live near Rochester, NY.

You can contact me by e-mail at:


My current address is:

4003 Ridge Chapel Rd.

Marion, NY 14505

Stroll Through The Arts! Lewisburg, PA

November 2, 2012
Lewisburg, PA. 6-10pm
I'll be at Purity Candy.

It's been very busy!  Currently, I have been working on commissions. 

I have some paintings at this wonderful gallery:

Artist's Loft

The landing at Pultneyville

4135 Mill Street

Pultneyville, NY 14538


I've picked up another Gallery!

It's in State College and it is called The State College Frame Shop and Gallery

My sister-in-Law helped me out on that one.  Isn't family great!

I'll get some contact info for them soon.



The print came out! Have you seen it?  It looks beautiful on the cotton paper that Susquehanna Editions uses.  It is the Gladiola and it's called"Gladiola Sunrise".

You can purchase it for $125.00 at the place listed below.  It will also be at my Rochester show.  I'm hoping to get an image up on my Prints page soon.  Also the other one is "Slifer House Deutzia".  Also printed on great paper by Susquehanna Editions which is also the Susquehanna Gallery and Frame Shoppe.


Thanks for looking,

Margaret Wilson

The Following are the galleries in which you can find my botanical illustrations:           


228 Market Street                    

Lewisburg, PA   17837



Susquehanna Gallery & Frame Shoppe

310 South Main Street
Jersey Shore, PA   17740



If you are in the Rochester Area:

Gateway and Company

the Carriage House

494 East Avenue

Rochester, NY   14607

They do my framing in Rochester and sometimes sell my paintings



Schedule of upcoming events and gallery information.